1. 1. Membership is only attainable by attending 3 consecutive meetings.
  2. 2. Membership is lost by missing 3 consecutive meetings.
  3. 3. Attendance does not count unless actually present for the sunset.

You may vote on any non-uni-lateral decision

Other members may come to your aid in times of crisis :

  1. 1. Wife rings up
  2. 2. Fallen down and can’t get up
  3. 3. Glass empty

  1. 1. The place of the meeting is kept relatively secret to stop onlookers and uninvited guests.
  2. 2. A bottle of red wine is mandatory except for non-drinkers.
  3. 3. Should it ne necessary, a person may be asked to leave by a vote of 3 current members or a unanimous desision.
  4. 4. Being asked to leave is NOT a reflection of character, but more an indication of amount of alcohol consumed.
  5. 5. It is considered “GOOD FORM” to bring nibbles.
  6. 6. It is considered “BAD FORM” to turn up every week without nibbles and eat everyone else’s.

Although we are a fledgling, if there are other groups in Australia, or the World for that matter, that would like to have regular meetings and post pictures, we may be able to provide some free server space.

Who knows… Sunset CLub International!