28th June – Drum or Brazzier

After about 2 weeks of ¨scattered showers¨, it was a glourious afternoon… so much so that after I completed some long outstanding projects around the house, I sat and started a bottle of red with some pistatio´s……..  a bit early.

That may have accounted for the high bottle count, but they certainly wern´t all mine :-

DC had the obligatory smoked oysters, Andy bought some fresh oo-cook, and John a VERY NICE bananna cake and a pile of wood for the fire. When the conversation turned to the pie cart, Trev volunteered to make the pea soup so we can have pie floaters next week.

Trev used 3 Adelaide telephone books to get the fire started and we experimented with the drum being tilted on it´s side a bit to act as a reflector…. very effective. A surprising side effect was that it created a bit of an up draught.

Even if Trev did remembered the tape measure for the bamboo, there is no way to reach it now.

Sunset was crap.



Jul – Sept Trev’s on Fire

It’s a bit had to believe that nothings been posted since July …. but things have been a bit busy 🙂  .. new baby and all…….
That’s not to say that there hasn’t been a sunset club … quite the contrary….. lots of REDS ,LOTS of food and quite a bit of entertainment…..
DC has been experimenting with sky rockets ….. well … we started to call them STATICS… because they were not going very far …. but then when one did lift off after a couple of weeks trying … well … the whole neibourhood could hear us cheering ..
Someone fell in the fire one night… looks like he had a bit of a turn.. so we called the ambulance… to much hilarity. Some one suggested it might have been the GROG, but that was quickly discounted by blaming the food.
and then another time,, there was smoke on the horizon… so the fire brigade provided the entertainment
The Brazzier (fireplace), was a 44 gallon drum, but the appointed fire marshals try to outdo each other and see how big of a fire can be made and still fit within the drum.
Every week is entertaining for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s just a couple of people, but there are some very pleasant afternoons/evenings.
I’ll try to keep more up to date.

11 October 2010

With the two DC’s and MC away on a cruise… I thought it would be a bit quiet.. BUT .. AH was there with bells on and just as we were enjoying the Aumbience …. Trev turned up!
Then JW arrived….and a call from PB… who has yet to be at a meeting….  wanting to know what time Sunset Club started.
Standard answer is 1/2 hour ago…. so he had his missus drop him off………and…  welll … how could you go past saying hello to the new born baby ….. so she stayed for a while.
Trev had been a bit crook … and once again could not remember how he got home. Andy was on the Kareoke machine when Anne came to pickup PB and offered him a ride home … So ,,, once again it was a great night … a few yarns… and… a few heated comments between AH and TW….. but all denied any knowledge he next day …. Sunset Club is like that!

13 Dec 2010 – Park Outing

SUNSET CLUB had it’s first ever outing.

We packed up all our stuf (food and wine), and went down the park. Why? Well… the Christmas Carols were on and being avid kareoke participants it would seemed that some background entertainment would be provided. Well that’s the way it appeared to us while making the plans at the end of last Sundays session and an appropriate number of reds consumed.

Giving due consideration to the Carols being a family event, we positioned ourselves an appropriate distance away from the gathering crowds under a tree. Just so happened that council had provided ome tables and chairs so we had very little to set up other than the eskys.

As it turned out, the carols were at a very pleasant low level to provide background music while we watched the passing parade.

It was voted a great night and we vowed to do something similar again soon.

There was no bottle count because they all got chucked in the bin. (I normally do it in the morning when I can count)

PS. The sunset was crap anyway.

20th December – Keg End

Present : D & DC, AH, TW, JW, Jerry (was there for the sunset)

RED .5

Whats THIS !!! Everyone on the wagon???

NOOOO!!!! The “Other” was about half a 50 litre KEG of heavy beer. Son Rhustie had his 18th party on the Saturday. None of his mates were Sunset Club members, so their drinking capacity was an unknown.

As it turned out… well … lets just say that there was plenty of beer left for Sunset Club (even though I stayed up till 3 trying to drink it)

Debbie had made some nice bread dips for the party, but we reserved one for Sunset Club and John made a tastye and apricot crumble for desert.

The sunset was good with some red freckled clouds in a group and a scattering of really dark clouds in a layer above them. The pastel orange on the horizon slowly bled into the clear blue sky. This is the reason we are there.

As Good as it Gets

The meeting on the 18th April 2010 was cliMaxed by a standing ovation to the sunset.
It really is the reason we are here after all. Check out the first SEVEN pictures in the meeting gallery for what took place in a matter of only 3 minutes!  CLICK HERE

Members standing in awe at the spectacle!

BW at THE Wedding!

Hi all;

Just received correspondence from one of our Sunset Club Members B.W. (Bunny Warren).

B.W. has been to London to visit the Queen and you guessed it, yes he did get an invite to the Royal Wedding. He was sitting not far from the Queen when he took this picture; he has included it for all at Sunset club to see.

After the wedding on the way home from London, B.W. called in to see his mate the Pope, who in no uncertain terms pointed out his disappointment to B.W. at not receiving an invitation to the Wedding. B.W. being the perfect gentleman, reassured the Pope that only well known and important people were invited to attend. B.W. is not sure if the Pope got caught short or not, but he did leave the room unexpectedly making rude noises.

Nice to see members getting out and about and sharing their experiences with members well done B.W.

2nd June 2013

Present : MT, AH, D&DC, OC, JR, MC, VS

Shishling Shishkabubs……

Everyone bought along some shishkababs, some home made, some from the stores, but about EIGHTY in all. Wasn’t possible to eat that many ….. WANNA BET!!! The George Forman Gerilla does a great job cooking these because it cooks 10 at once and both sides at once.

A great evening with more that enough food and some lovely red wine.

First time we tried the Drumolder (drum holder) as well, a neatly constructed device to hold 2/3rds of a 44 on it’s side in order to reflect the heat forward and yet create a upward draught for the smoke. One whole palette can be made to stand on it’s edge, creating amusement for those sitting further away while those closest keep one eye on the buring palette while drinking their beverages.

The Dean of the University of Peterborough (DUP), invented a new word at this meeting, but no-one could remember what it was the next day 🙁

Bottle count has gone by the wayside due to various members with dietry considerations, regulation of alcohol intake and the fact that a cask can hold 4 litres!

5th August 2012

Present : OC, D&DC, MT, AH, VS, JW, MC, JR

Welcome to our newest enthusiastic member Squiddly. He’s been comming a few months now, but minutes have been in short supply.

Quite a pleaseant evening. Pallets on the fire burnt well and there was no shortage of food.

Red wine with cheese is always good, followed by some hot chips. JW is the pizza make extrordinaire, and squiddly bought some pork and he got me to make some Tika Boti (Thats the flavour of the month at the moment.) Then after all that, MC had ordered a family pizza from AJ’s. We didn’t really need it but it was polished off anyay.

Haven’t had any Kareoke for a while but Squiddly provided some nice 70’s music from the boot of his car.