Jul – Sept Trev’s on Fire

It’s a bit had to believe that nothings been posted since July …. but things have been a bit busy 🙂  .. new baby and all…….
That’s not to say that there hasn’t been a sunset club … quite the contrary….. lots of REDS ,LOTS of food and quite a bit of entertainment…..
DC has been experimenting with sky rockets ….. well … we started to call them STATICS… because they were not going very far …. but then when one did lift off after a couple of weeks trying … well … the whole neibourhood could hear us cheering ..
Someone fell in the fire one night… looks like he had a bit of a turn.. so we called the ambulance… to much hilarity. Some one suggested it might have been the GROG, but that was quickly discounted by blaming the food.
and then another time,, there was smoke on the horizon… so the fire brigade provided the entertainment
The Brazzier (fireplace), was a 44 gallon drum, but the appointed fire marshals try to outdo each other and see how big of a fire can be made and still fit within the drum.
Every week is entertaining for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s just a couple of people, but there are some very pleasant afternoons/evenings.
I’ll try to keep more up to date.