BW at THE Wedding!

Hi all;

Just received correspondence from one of our Sunset Club Members B.W. (Bunny Warren).

B.W. has been to London to visit the Queen and you guessed it, yes he did get an invite to the Royal Wedding. He was sitting not far from the Queen when he took this picture; he has included it for all at Sunset club to see.

After the wedding on the way home from London, B.W. called in to see his mate the Pope, who in no uncertain terms pointed out his disappointment to B.W. at not receiving an invitation to the Wedding. B.W. being the perfect gentleman, reassured the Pope that only well known and important people were invited to attend. B.W. is not sure if the Pope got caught short or not, but he did leave the room unexpectedly making rude noises.

Nice to see members getting out and about and sharing their experiences with members well done B.W.