9th May 2010 – Andy’s Cracker

Present : D & DC, OC, AH & MC

It? been getting late early these days. 5 Oclock start is way too late before sunset and severely impacts on the drinking time, so we are trying for4 Oclock.

Its still too warm for a fire too 🙁
Good general conversation with some good nibbles. In fact everything seemed to be going to plan until A lit a firecracker. It was a fair size too. Not the type you would want in your hand when it went off…….. however… when he tried to chuck it, it landed just behind JW. ( A says it stuck to his fingers). Well… the wick was just too fast, and the best defence seemed to be to cover your drink and try to block both ears with your shoulders.

The retort was impressive, as was the mushroom cloud that came up from under JWs chair. Much hilarity ensued.

OC helped the bottle count with half a bottle of dry white. Just easing back into it after a month stint on morphine.

Sunset was rubish.