7th February

Those present OC, AH, TW, DC&DC,

OC had started on the Red early as usual. AH had some blue cheese TW brought along some cheap Red it wasn’t too bad but the stuff AH had was a lot better.

DC brought along the mandatory oysters and Fish and a bit of Turkey to continue the Christmas in February theme and some pork crackle. TW also brought some bad breath yes he has taken up the smokes again.

We had a visit from Cossy and his missus this made for some interesting conversation around trying to find a name for a Sunset with out clouds. Personally I thought the name Sunset worked but the other connoisseurs of such things were wracking their brains trying to come up with some extraordinary hip sounding name. Eventually the train of thought was lost when AH decided to declare war on the Bull Ants again.

Not sure on the score because the score board was contaminated by the leftovers from last week as the Garden Gang had the week off. (I think because the Christmas in February celebrations. )

I think the score was: Red 5 Beer 6 Sprits – Sunset score 2 Mosquitoes Bites 4 Ant Bites 1 Andy 🙂 Fire works 0 Emergency Services 1 Police car seen

Have Fun DC