6th June – Yummy Doodles

Present : OC D&DC, AH, JW, JR, MC and a ringin.

OC, AH and JR made a dash from Adelaide to get there in time….. but all the others were already sitting around a very well ablaze fire.

Deb had 2Kg of fresh seafood that OC (just out of hospital), whipped up into a noodle stir fry and was soon gobbled down with some left overs. MC tuned his phone off (see previous minutes about his chips), bought out a jar of pickled scallops. The vinegar was a bit overpowering, but sauteing them in the frying pan soon fixed that.

The ringin had been experimenting with skyrockets and was a bit cavalier with his building technique, (bigger the better apparently). SCARRY STUFF!!! Provided they didn’t explode on the ground, they certainly took of at GREAT speed amongst a shower of sparks.

Mother inlaw will be back soon, so we should be able to get down to some real bottle counts.

It was very overcast so we didnt even see what time the sunset.