5th June 2011

Its was a BIG meeting this week… for no apparent reason…

OC, AH, JW, TW, PB, JR, D&DC, DH, OR, MC + Guests!!!

The 2 Cs turned up with some lovely oocook and Andy had some little boys on open rolls with melted cheese. Just getting into it and DH rolled in with 3 Large squid just caught at Port Germein jetty. They got cleaned and cooked on the BBQ in olive oil… TASTY!!

Definately cool enough for the fire. In fact the startup kindling was so big the table got moved back an extra six feet. The addition of a palette and the flames were higher than the fence. We were also entertained by some of DCs pyros of various colours.

Miscommunication and two people thought they were the designated pisspot, so there was 2 extra bottles… bugger 🙂  ..  they got drank anyway and OC still had to go get an extra one!

Sunset …. well … I think there was one?

Reds – 11

Beer – 8

Beam – 2

And a bottle of PINK ?????