5th February 2011

One might be forgiven for thinking that we have not been having any meetings.

Rest assured there is a meeting every Sunday with varying numbers of people. Getting time to write up some minutes is a real problem, but the reason for this outburst is because of the spectacle we were treated to on the 5th of February.

Generally the sunsets we get we rate either a 1 (cant get a zero .. the sun has gotta set), or around a 5 or 6. Well .. this has gotta be a 9.5.

Fortunately, Simon had a box of junk camera in his car and he snapped some really great pictures. These are NOT touched up in any way and are all of the same sunset….. infact, all raken over a period of about 15mins.


The first seven pictures on this page were all of the same sunset, at the same location, taken over a period of about 3 mins. Click here for link