3rd May – Smorgasboard

Present AH DC TW JW & OC

Apol : MC (hasnĀ“t been back since the push bike episode)

We started earlier due to daylight saving has finished… 4pm now .. I think we forgot to tell Trev (but he turned up at 4:30 and was most surprised to see us there already)

It’s been a while since a report šŸ™ … Not that we havenĀ“t been having a sunset … or a club for that matter!! But Easter was in the middle there some where.

There was a heap of cheese left over from previous weeks, So I got that out, but Andy turned up with some tuna mornay, and Dave had a pot of pea and ham soup. Along with some bread, a can of smoked mussels and a round of Brie …. well

Dave recon it was a bit cold and was wearing two hats… I think he was practicing for Mayor!

Trev remembered to bring the tape measure and measures the bamboo when he first got there, but when I asked him later what the measurement was well… ummm….. apparently itĀ“s something over 2 meters… And on top of that he was the last to leave.

Sunset was crap.