30th May – What bag o chips?

Present AH, DC, TW, MC & OC

Its bin rainin for about a week now….. but it always manages to stop for sunset club???
….. but now the wood is wet…….. took 2 lots of petrol to get the fire started!!

We were half way through A’s tub of “Little boy’s” when MC turned up with a big bag of hot chips from the local chicken shop. No sooner had they hit the table when his phone rang …… twice. Well, the rest sitting around the table were like a mob of seagulls at the boat ramp. With the excuse of not wanting them to get cold, they were quickly devoured…… I’m still not sure if Mick got any??

Oh yeh … D & DC’s pea and ham soup was great material!! I actually left the bed room early in the morning to save being beaten up. … and yes … VERY tasty! We also raised our glasses to celebrate the life of Jos Mertens. Although not a member of our illustrious group he was a well like local who passed away the afternoon previous.

It was a pretty strange sunset too….. would have gone down as a MONO GREY, but for about 5 minutes a tinge of pink appeared in about four places along the thin edge of a cloud bank.

The fire works a back on with varying amounts of success…. in fact the occasional one spectacular.

No bottle count as the ones from last week were still there.