2nd June 2013

Present : MT, AH, D&DC, OC, JR, MC, VS

Shishling Shishkabubs……

Everyone bought along some shishkababs, some home made, some from the stores, but about EIGHTY in all. Wasn’t possible to eat that many ….. WANNA BET!!! The George Forman Gerilla does a great job cooking these because it cooks 10 at once and both sides at once.

A great evening with more that enough food and some lovely red wine.

First time we tried the Drumolder (drum holder) as well, a neatly constructed device to hold 2/3rds of a 44 on it’s side in order to reflect the heat forward and yet create a upward draught for the smoke. One whole palette can be made to stand on it’s edge, creating amusement for those sitting further away while those closest keep one eye on the buring palette while drinking their beverages.

The Dean of the University of Peterborough (DUP), invented a new word at this meeting, but no-one could remember what it was the next day 🙁

Bottle count has gone by the wayside due to various members with dietry considerations, regulation of alcohol intake and the fact that a cask can hold 4 litres!