29th March Phhtttt

Present : OC, D&DC, JW.

I was a bit quiet this Sunday with just 4 of us. VERY pleasant tho. Nice gentle breeze with the bamboo leaves quetly rattling in the back ground, not to hot or cold, beer and reds…… Just whats required for a convalecing afternoon.

My foot, although still a bit swollen was no longer requiring pain killers …. so I just drank a bit more red… some mature cheese I had been saving up, and smoked oysters.. yummy. No peanuts though… and Deb had even brought protection.

Mick had a meeting at his place (any excuse), so couldn’t make it, and the rest were away or had something on, so it was peaceful … no politics, religion or rotary … geez … what did we talk about ???

I thing I’ll have to add a soft drinks in the score for John’s ginger beer 🙂

Trev wasn’t there to measure the bamboo shoot, so I had to do it … 1400mm