28th June – Drum or Brazzier

After about 2 weeks of ¨scattered showers¨, it was a glourious afternoon… so much so that after I completed some long outstanding projects around the house, I sat and started a bottle of red with some pistatio´s……..  a bit early.

That may have accounted for the high bottle count, but they certainly wern´t all mine :-

DC had the obligatory smoked oysters, Andy bought some fresh oo-cook, and John a VERY NICE bananna cake and a pile of wood for the fire. When the conversation turned to the pie cart, Trev volunteered to make the pea soup so we can have pie floaters next week.

Trev used 3 Adelaide telephone books to get the fire started and we experimented with the drum being tilted on it´s side a bit to act as a reflector…. very effective. A surprising side effect was that it created a bit of an up draught.

Even if Trev did remembered the tape measure for the bamboo, there is no way to reach it now.

Sunset was crap.