28th February 2010

Present : OC, AH, D&DC, MC and new potential member JR

Absent : TW (Checking sunsets in India), JW (checking if you can see the sun in the Philippines)

A nice general discussion other than some light hearted stirring at OC for being ön the wagon “for a few months due to medication problems.”
Motherinlaw had to go home due to family reasons and with TW away, no-ones being picking up the empties. The collection under the tables is getting unweidly.

MC has donated a couple of 44’s for such purposes but nothing has made it into them yet…. might need to get them closer to the table.

Some nice cheese, the obligatory smoked oysters and a McDonalds burger that JR ate on his own because he thought sunset club was for dinner.

The sunset rates a mention as it started out as a 3 and slowly built up to a 5/6.
The description language is still being developed and a suggestion has been made to devide the sky into quadrants to better explain effects of colours that appear sometimes in the EAST.

No bottle count – too confusing.