26th September 2010

Present : D&DC, OC, AH, TW, MC & ST.

Although not previously planned, the Dc’a brought a leg of lamb cooked in a slow cooker… been on since 8 am apparently, plus some carrots and potatoes in alfoil to go in the fire…… As if that wasn’t enough… OC had some seasoned chichen in the oven as well……

Andy’s contribution of Brie cheese made a nice appitiser, so food was NOT in a short supply.

Did I mention we drink red wine,,,,,, well …. Early comversation revolved around the consistency of poo,,,,, that somehow determined if you were healthy or not??? and finished with an argument about full submersion baptisms in Italy …… go figure???

The sunset was interesting with some interesting mottling efects with some good colour and even a good display of rays.

A very pleseant evening…. finishing about 8pm… must be spring time…