25th July – Christmas

Present DC, OC, MC, TW, JR & ST.

Dave wore his Crissy hat and OC had a neat Santa in his top pocket…. it’s a bit hard to buy bon bon’s this time of year.

Dave bought along some individual puddings, and OC made a whiskey and custard sauce. It was supposed to be a custard and whiskey sauce, but a few tasting too many meant more whiskey kept getting added. But it was just the treat sitting alongside the log fire, sleighs (cars) passing by on the nearby road…….. cold… but no snow tho 🙁

Afterthought … we should have sang some christmas carols :-(…..

Plenty of reds consumed …… in fact, it’s become noticed that each person consumes more than one bottle… so… besides having a Fire Marshall, we decided to have a designated person each week who should bring along an extra bottle….. title to be confirmed amongst members, but Designated Pisspot is the favourite at the moment.

We had a clear view of the sunset which was pretty ordinary,,, it just sank.