25th April 2010 – Me & PB

Present : OC & PB

It was a bit reminiscent of the old days realy……. just me….. hangin out watchin the sunset…..

Well .. other than the fact that PB was there…. and I have been comin down of the pain killers Ive been takin for weeks…… and that I am still on the Sasaparilla.

Guess it was nothing like the old days then.

Oh well, Peter and I had a good chat, and some nice nibblies…. forgot to open the oysters #@$%@#$%! It was probably cold enough for the fire, but we left it a bit late to get it started. I blaming the indicator on the front page of this website, because I took a quick glance at it earlier and read that sunset was at 6-30…. but in actual fact, I must have looked at the sunrise time which is an hour different. Well anyway… thats what I am sticking to….. or Ill just blame the drugs 🙂

The sunset. although only rated a 2 did something really strange. There was a single long large cloud down low. It was the only thing in the sky. And straight after the sun set, It just disappeared. Bit weird really.