24th March – What’s all these People doing here?

Present : OC, D&DC, AH, JW, TW, JR, MC

What a roll up! DC wanted to know where everyone came from and suggested we should make the Sunset Club entrance exam a bit harder. Without taking a formal vote it was decided we could solve the problem by getting a little bit bigger table.

A great array of nibbles with some “Porky Bits” cooked up by JW and some obligatory smoked oysters.

Trev had lots of stories about Inda and vowed never to return. JW was back after an extended stay in PI on the excuse he couldn’t get a return flight home.

OC is still on the wagon due to medication. AH was going to have a can of coke to symapathise, but couldn’t bring him self to it. With out OC’s contribution, the bottle stach under the table has slowed up a bit. We must get them into the 44’s as some stage so we can get back to having a formal count.

Sunset was crap, but the previous 2 days had been magnificent; at least 6 and 7’s.