22nd March MC (skid kid)

Present : OC, PC, DC, AH, JW, Mick

A business client of mine came around late in the afternoon to discuss a website. Just so happened he had some beer with him, so we started a bit earlier than the others and he decided to stay for Sunset Club. John bought around some home made sausage rolls (very tasty), and we also had Brie and parmesian cheese on bread…. oh and the obligitary smoked oysters of course.

Andy was a bit late, which would account for him leaving with most of his faculties in tact, but it would’t be the first time he’s left here OK and was list as a pissard by the time he got home.

I’d been to woolies during the week to take advantage of to 30% off at the bottlo. I grabbed a couple of bottles of Brown Brothers at $6.50ea, without reading the labels. Turns out if was some sweet sickly watery red, which accounts for the .5 in the tally.

Mick drank half a bottle of Jim Beam and went arse over head as he was trying to mount his bike to go home. Apparently he forgot to pedal?? At least he did it with style, it looked very gracefull.

Trev wasn’t there to measure the bamboo shoot.

Score :

RED 4.5