21st October 2010

Present : TW, OC, D&DC, MC, ST, OR, DH

The wind blew and the rain was unrelentilng and it was cold.

And then there was sunset club…… The rain had stopped well before Trev arrived… so the seats were dry…… and by the end of the session….. the smoke from what will probably be the last fire for the year, was going straight up. Pleasent to the point where I sat for quite some time afterwards in the warm glow contemplating the important things in life…….

The food was rediculous… I had already prepared some olives, cashew dip and some Ash Brie, and Trev had some biscuits, metwerst and canned crab (which was crap). D&D turned up with a big plate of piping hot pies, sausage rolls and pasties. And to top it off, Micks contribution was a large Mulberry pie and fresh cream.

The sunset started out as a Silver and Grey in a patten that swept in a large V back across to the east. Then there was a brief display of reds and oranges down low which then petered out into nothing much at all.

With quite an assortment of spirit bottles and cans under the table….. oh and two bottles of red, it was a vert pleasant evening.