20th December – Keg End

Present : D & DC, AH, TW, JW, Jerry (was there for the sunset)

RED .5

Whats THIS !!! Everyone on the wagon???

NOOOO!!!! The “Other” was about half a 50 litre KEG of heavy beer. Son Rhustie had his 18th party on the Saturday. None of his mates were Sunset Club members, so their drinking capacity was an unknown.

As it turned out… well … lets just say that there was plenty of beer left for Sunset Club (even though I stayed up till 3 trying to drink it)

Debbie had made some nice bread dips for the party, but we reserved one for Sunset Club and John made a tastye and apricot crumble for desert.

The sunset was good with some red freckled clouds in a group and a scattering of really dark clouds in a layer above them. The pastel orange on the horizon slowly bled into the clear blue sky. This is the reason we are there.