1st May 2011

Present : AH, TW, OC, DC, ST, MC, GB, JR, JW

Sorry for so long between minutes. Theres always good intentions, but if I try and write after a meeting, its normally drivel…. If I do it next day…. its hard to remember if we had a meeting or not.

If theres any minutes for the next three weeks, it will be from the Philippines, as a number of Sunset Club members are off to checkout the sunsets on the South China sea.

We had a great feed this week. Andy had a big plate of Little Boys on dinner rolls with melted cheese, and OC had pieces of roast goat meat. We were tucking into it when JW turned up with a home made pizza. WELL…. It was voted as one of the BEST tasting pizzas ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. John didnt seem to think it was anything special, but it was certaily 1000% on Trevs chips!

Sunset was crap… we have yet to light the fire this season… but we finished with some nice kareoke.