18th July – It’s been rainin…..

Present OC, MC, ST

It was warm in the lounge room, but it was pretty noisy with the family and TV…. so I decided to enjoy a little quite time with a crisp bottle of white. I ventured out to the sunset club area but had to sit under the verandah due to light misty rain, and it was COLD, so I put the beany on and settled into the bottle. The fire wood was very wet and would have taken a fair effort to get started, so a fire for one wasn’t worth it; besides, it didn’t look like the bottle was going to last long anyway.

There had been lots of apologies for various reasons, and figuring the weather, I wasn’t expecting anyone. I did have some cheese out, then MC turned up then later his offsider as well.

So we sat and had a few yarns and beers. The bottle of white was gone and there was no wind… all was good….. except no sunset 🙁