16th May 2010 – Pie Night

Present AH, DC, JW, MC, OC, JR, TW

Well, It was finally cold enough to light the Brazzier. Trev had pinched some wood from a dumper where they were building next to his house., and Mick had also previously bought around 2 trailer loads on kindling. Getting it to light was a bit tricky because it had been light raining all day, but cleared up nicely for the meeting.

Trev donated come mince beef, so I cooked it up earlier in the day to make some filling for pies. We sat in front of the fire with the pie maker going and sooping some red wines…. well… then the sunset started… and while only about a 3….. it was just enough to make the perfect evening.

26 pies later ….. DC had all summer to practice making fireworks, and we we NOT disappointed. Some very loud retorts with impressive flying, coloured, molten bits was enough to make us wonder if we should be running for cover or cheering. ( The cheering won out.)

A great evening with plenty of participants.