15th August – It’s getting damper

Present : JR, D&DC, AH, OC, TW

Its been rainin lots… wetest winter for 14 years they recon….
but we have been pretty lucky with sunset club. There were a few light showers that came through tonight.. but no wind…. so it was of no great inconvenience.

I started the fire early to make some coals for the prearranged camp ovens. Deb made 3 different types of damper and Andy liked his fresh, so had some flour and a hot bottle of beer. I figured that would be enough damper so went inside to get a leg of pork and a can of pineapple. Upon returning, one of the camp ovens was already getting heated with a big pile of coals top and bottom. I mumbled something about it looking a bit hot, but figured Andy must have been preheating his pot or something.

About 10 minuted later DC says… do you thing we should check the damper now?
Well…. the lid came off and it was like looking into a black hole….. even light was not going to escape this creation. So much for the three different kinds of bread… they all looked the same to me.

Andys was a BIG damper but was a little soft in the middle. Didnt stop it getting devoured while still hot. I chucked the can of pinapple in with the leg of pork and let it cook for another 15mins. It wasnt bad but could have done with a bit more seasoning.

All up a great night and I guess the sun set somewhere …..