13th – 14th June

Present AH, D&DC, OC, MC, TW & 3 Ring Ins

It was a public holiday on the Monday… what a perfect excuse for a adhoc meeting 🙂

DC celebrated being able to make 50 years of age, so there were plenty of party leftovers for us to eat. Trev bought along a couple of rellies to the normal meeting, and SR Troy was there on the Monday.

Fire required on both nights, although the wind was from a funny angle on the Sunday which required relocation of the Brazier. Unfortunately, this was not discovered until after the fire was lit. Coupious amounts of smoke into the house, and all we could do is shut the door and wait for the startup flames to abate. D & A then manged to pick it up with a couple of shovels and move it about 10 metres. Fortunately this was done before too much consumption of beverages.

Some great conversations and legpulling. Although the subject of boobs hasnt arisen for some time, all the blokes decided they must be lesbians…. except A who figured he must be PART Bi.

We really got to start doing a firmal bottle count again… I counted 5 bottles for 3 red drinkers on one night, not that thats a lot….. but what about all the other beers etc as well!

Sunset rated a 2 on Monday … 1 cloud and a bit of colour.. BUT, there is a new entry in the Dictionary for EFFECTS. The very still clear night saw a very thin silver moon cresent low on the horizon.