13 Dec 2010 – Park Outing

SUNSET CLUB had it’s first ever outing.

We packed up all our stuf (food and wine), and went down the park. Why? Well… the Christmas Carols were on and being avid kareoke participants it would seemed that some background entertainment would be provided. Well that’s the way it appeared to us while making the plans at the end of last Sundays session and an appropriate number of reds consumed.

Giving due consideration to the Carols being a family event, we positioned ourselves an appropriate distance away from the gathering crowds under a tree. Just so happened that council had provided ome tables and chairs so we had very little to set up other than the eskys.

As it turned out, the carols were at a very pleasant low level to provide background music while we watched the passing parade.

It was votedĀ a great night and we vowed to do something similar again soon.

There was no bottle count because they all got chucked in the bin. (I normally do it in the morning when I can count)

PS. The sunset was crap anyway.