10th May 2009 – Trev’s Patties

Present : AH, D&DC, TW, JW O&CC
Appol : MC (Flew up to QLD to go 4WD)
4 o´clock is a good starting time… that way, most can remember going home! Mind you, I´ve normaly started by the time the others get here, but then, I don´t gotta get home either 🙂
We are still out on the gravel area. Provided there is no breeze, the sun is quite warming on the colder days.
Trev came good with some minced beef he´s been telling us about for 2 months. Andy mixed about $15 worth of ingredients with it to make some really tasty patties. John turned up with some sausage rolls so we definately didn´t go hungry.
Dunno why, but whenever Deb is there, the conversation revolves around boobs.
Trev remembered the tape measure and tried to measure the bamboo. He announced that it was 2550, but I don´t think he can reach that high.

There was a bit of a sunset with some nice colours, but it didn´t last long.