7th August 2011

Present OC, AK, TW, DC, MC and newest member MT.

Well … after some pretty big nights over the last few weeks.. (over 20 people), all it took was a bit of a shower of rain at 4 o’clock to keep non believers away.

And what a great night… so nice that we even considered not lighting the fire, but after the sun went down, the still night sitting in front of the hot coals was EXCELLENT!.

Some interesting thoughts on the english language were propounded, and Andy elected himself as the resident expert because he was NOT from Port Pirie. In fact, Andy had his early years at the University of Peterborough and all of youse (“youes” according to Mick) have no idea about which you are talking.

Hot pies and sausage rolls, some nice chicken wings and a bit of cheese made for an excellent evening.

Sunset 3